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Amy - Pilates and Barre

Amy is a STOTT trained Pilates instructor. The STOTT philosophy builds on the original “core” of the late Joseph Pilates’ work while incorporating modern knowledge about the body.  She believes there’s always more to learn and continually takes workshops to expand her knowledge. She is certified in Apparatus, Mat and Total Barre. She has also completed ISP (Injuries and special populations), to help others who may have injuries or illnesses that hinder their daily lives.

Amy has been practicing Pilates for over 20 years. She was introduced to the exercise method by a friend who thought it might ease her back pain. After years of struggling the pain associated with scoliosis, a friend suggested she try Pilates to strengthen her “core" and it transformed her life and her body. After practicing for ten years, one of her instructors suggested she become certified to teach. At the time, she had a career in the fashion industry but loved the idea. Her philosophy was that helping someone feel better far outweighed helping someone look better.

One of my favorite exercises is The Frog on the reformer. The feeling of the hip rotation combined with the leg lengthening is heaven on earth…to me. I also like to push through with feet on the Cadillac because I can invert and work hamstrings, glutes and abs simultaneously.  Cat kneeling on the Cadillac is also high on my list because of the spinal articulation combined with the lengthening.