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Cindy - Pilates and Yoga

Cindy took her first yoga class at her high school in Hawaii. Throughout the rest of high school and college, yoga practice drifted in and out of her life, never staying consistent but always coming back. After graduating from NYU with a Bachelors in Music, she completed her teacher training and mentorship program at Yoga Vida NYC. In her classes, you'll find a strong emphasis on alignment- gaining freedom and strength in movement from specificity of action and breath work.

After teaching yoga for a year, Cindy started looking for more knowledge of functional movement and a system specifically for exercise which brought her back to Pilates, something she had experience with while at NYU. Cindy became a Pilates teacher for mat and equipment through Pilates Academy International. She followed this training with the FAMI anatomy workshop by Kinected Pilates Center.

Her favorite Pilates exercise is side bend with a twist. It includes everything she loves about Pilates in one exercise- strength, long lines and stretching, moving through multiple planes of movement and connecting the movements with the breath.