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Pink Ribbon Instructor Training Course

  • Return To Life Center 19 West 45th street, suite 303 New York, NY, 10036 (map)

 Pink Ribbon Program - Two Day Workshop 12CECs

The goal of this interactive two day course is to provide the participants with a knowledge base that is essential to the successful evaluation of the breast cancer survivor, from diagnosis to treatment, recovery, prevention of lymphedema and proper exercise guidelines and protocols. This course is open to physical therapists, occupational therapists, Pilates instructors, lymphedema treatment specialists, and nurses. Evidence based practice and integration of material from the areas of functional exercise, shoulder rehabilitation and Pilates exercises will be the emphasis of the lab sessions.

Day 1: 

Introduction, Overview of Course Goals & Objectives - 15min.

Breast Anatomy & Musculature - 30min.

Types of Breast Cancer and Staging - 30min.

Surgeries - 45min.

Sentinel Node Biopsy - 15min.

Adjuvant treatments: Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy,
Hormone Therapy & Common Adverse Effects - 30min.

Lunch Break - 60min.

Breast Reconstructive Surgeries, implications for Exercise - 90min.

Lymphedema, Treatment and Implications for Exercise - 30min.

Patient Assessments: Health History, QOL Survey - 30min.

Latest Research Findings - 30min.

Q&A - 20min.

Day 2: 

Exercise Therapy Protocol                                 
Phase One: Focus on Scapula
Stabilization and Shoulder Mobility - 30min.

Phase Two: Focus on Long Lever
Shoulder Range of Motion, Core Stability and
Scapula Stabilization - 45min.

Phase Three: Focus on Full Body Movements
Including Scapula, Core and Lower Body - 45min.

Break - 30min.

Progression of Exercises to Include
Pilates-based Exercises
Utilizing Props: Stability
Balls, Bands and Foam Roller - 90min.

Case Studies - 45min.

Marketing & Promotion - 20min.

Q&A - 15min.


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