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Gudbjorg (aka G) - Pilates and Barre


Gudbjorg was first introduced to the Pilates system and its benefits as a teenage dance student. She had been suffering from debilitating back pain since age 14, but she quickly found that Pilates not only brought her increased strength and a better understanding of her biomechanics, it also helped her stay pain-free.

Gudbjorg has been teaching Pilates since 2006, and holds comprehensive certifications from STOTT PILATES, Equinox Pilates Institute, and The Pilates Method Alliance, the only third-party certification program within the industry. Prior to founding RTL Center with Jessica, Gudbjorg taught private sessions as well as group classes in private studios and at Equinox, where she was also a Teacher Trainer within the Equinox Pilates Institute. In addition to Pilates, Gudbjorg teaches group classes in Barre and myofascial rolling.

Thanks to Pilates, Gudbjorg has been able to manage her back pain and to do things she was previously told would be out of her reach. She completed a BFA in contemporary dance and moved to New York to dance professionally. Gudbjorg loves to teach her clients how Pilates can help them achieve their goals and how the increased movement and body awareness gained through Pilates can help them stay pain-free in their daily lives, as well as other movement adventures. She loves to share how she used Pilates to help her train for and run her first half marathon and how more recently Pilates helped facilitate an easy pregnancy, labor and delivery and a quick recovery when she had her son Ari in April 2016.  Gudbjorg also founded Pilates Everywhere, hiking and Pilates trips in Iceland with her husband Kyle, in order to share her love of Pilates and (pain-free) hiking through the beautiful Icelandic landscape.

Gudbjorg’s favorite Pilates exercise is the short spine massage on the Reformer. The combination of having to control the leg movement from the powerhouse, working the spinal articulation and the bonus spinal and hamstring stretch is hard to beat. Plus it’s always fun to invert, and life shouldn’t be too serious all the time.