Jessica - Pilates

Since Jessica was a teenager, she loved to work out in a traditional gym setting. She started Pilates after herniating her fourth disc in her lower back. She was in constant pain, could not stand up straight, and could only take small steps to walk. After Jessica’s last injury her personal trainer thought her injuries required a different type of exercise method other than that of a traditional personal trainer. He was right, the Pilates method worked. Realizing this was going to be an essential lifestyle change, Jessica had to understand how the Pilates method worked. Jessica chose to enroll in the Equinox Comprehensive Pilates Program to learn the method from Emma Calanese, the Pilates Instructor that helped to heal Jessica’s broken body.  During the program, Jessica was also mentored by Gudbjorg Arnalds (AKA, “G”).

Jessica is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance and is a PMA Certificate Pilates Teacher.

Training includes:

  • Equinox Mat and Comprehensive Pilates Certified
  • Lolita San Miguel’s Pilates Master Mentor Program - completed 1st session
  • Polestar trained and in the process of bridging her Equinox certification
  • Licensed Buff Bones instructor
  • Mariska Breland’s Pilates for MS and other Neurological Conditions
  • Kinesthetic Anatomy and biomechanics of motion, muscle balancing training with Irene Dowd