Why Pilates? 

Pilates is an exercise method created by Joseph Pilates, designed to increase both strength and flexibility with a particular emphasis on powerhouse strength (core strength) and to create balance in the body to increase the efficiency of movement, and decrease the chances of injuries. Pilates addresses the body as a whole system, and in a private session your instructor will sequence your exercises to address any particular goals as well as any imbalances or instabilities. This is particularly valuable for pre and postnatal clients as their bodies are continually changing due to the change in shape, and center of gravity as well as hormonal changes. Hormonal changes cause the ligaments connecting your bones to soften, and the changing body shape further stresses your structure. All of these changes lead to imbalances that can cause aches and pains. Pilates and functional movement targets every side of the body to work against any existing imbalances, which results in better movement, less pain, and decreased stress.

RTL Center – Pilates and Functional Movement:

At RTL Center we believe in smart movement to make you feel better. All of our instructors have completed a comprehensive pilates certification (400 hours or more), and some have over 10 years of experience. It’s not just important what exercises you do, it’s equally important how you do them. Our instructors have a great knowledge of the system and a keen eye for correct form. They will tailor the program to each clients’ individual needs while keeping a close eye on form to ensure you get the maximum benefits from every session.