Highly trained Certified Pilates Instructors create customized works to achieve your goals and improve your athletic performance. Our effective process efficiently provides total body workouts in 55 minutes using bodyweight and resistance training on a full range of Pilates equipment, including Cadillac/Trapeze Table, Reformer, Tower, Wunda Chair, and Ladder Barrel.

Beginners, no judging here... our instructors encourage beginners, whether you have been sedentary or post rehab, with your current fitness level and safely help to improve.

Athletes, you're not off the hook... we'll PUSH you to take your performance to the next level while correcting imbalances that can cause injuries.

No matter your level, improve your physical fitness for a happier life 


We provide our client's with mats, all props needed for classes, fresh towels, and water in addition to frequently needed convenience items (makeup remover wipes, lotion, hand sanitizer, cotton balls, q-tips, hair products, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and more).


We have an 18-hour cancellation policy for group in-studio classes and 24-hour cancellation policy for equipment classes, privates, and duets. Space is limited, so this gives others the opportunity to join a class. No-shows and cancellations made less than the noted hours before class time will be charged, or if you have sessions available in a current package, the session will be deducted from that package.
Clients must schedule and/or cancel their appointments via the Mind Body online Scheduler. This requirement allows enough time to fill the spot with another client and will avoid confusion since you will have a record of your cancellation. Cancellations given to an instructor or via email will not be accepted.

If you would like to cancel or modify a reservation or appointment, click "Cancel."

"Late Cancel" appears when the online cancellation period has passed. This option can be used to allow another person to register in that availability.